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Raimo Residence is family founded and operated. Our mission is to support veterans, low-income families, and marginalized communities by providing safe and affordable housing solutions. We are dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of homelessness in Southern California and ensuring that those who have bravely served our country have a place to call home.

our Affordable Housing Solutions

Co-ed home with exciting views in Skyline Hills

Private rooms with shared amenities to include on-site laundry, internet, a landline, and a sunroom.

Rooms from $900 to $1400

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Classic suburban home 5BR 3BA in Winchester

This family home boast charming character and curb appeal. Residents enjoy a safe, functional, and dignified living space offering much needed sense of stability.

Fully Occupied

Top View Of Mountain

3BR 2BA comfortable home in Homeland

This housing unit goes beyond mere charm. With character creating a special and cherished living experience, residents find peace and tranquility at the top of a hill.

Fully Occupied

(2) 1BR 1BA apartments Mixed-use property in Encanto

The proximity of this property ​allows residents to access ​shops, restaurants, and other ​services without traveling far. ​Situated in the diverse San ​Diego Black Arts + Culture ​District, this home leads a ​strong sense of belonging. Plus ​Free Parking!

Fully Occupied

Modular Homes Coming Soon!

Here's Why:

Man in Yellow Safety Reflective Vest with Hard Hat Doing House Inspection


Quality Control

Built to adhere to strict industry standards and undergo rigorous inspections.

Eco Friendly House Concept


Enviromental benefits

Many manufacturers focus on sustainable materials making it a more eco-friendly option.

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Location Flexibility

Can be placed in various settings from urban lots to rural areas.

Our real business is helping Californians improve their quality of life.

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